Writers & Writing

As with anything we love to do, much of our self identity gets expressed by means of that thing. I'm wrapped up in the magical world, and this section is for writers and those interested in the craft.

The greatest moment of my personal literary history is told in the story of my meeting and befriending Lawrence Durrell.

There is a section on what I call the Dionysian Writers--writers who express themselves in a welter of passion and images--whose prose extends beyond bounds, redefining the use of words themselves as the writer proceeds. They extend from Thoreau through Sherwood Anderson, Virginia Woolf, Henry Miller, Durrell and Kerouac. There are others; this is one angle on them, my appreciation of what they've done for the craft.

A special section on Henry David Thoreau is here because I wrote my dissertation on him, and because he's so American--which is to say, a concatentation of many different traditions: Hindu, Classical Greek, Romantic.

Lots of affection goes with the section on other writers and writing, friends and acquaintances of mine, whose writing I highly recommend. Novelists and poets and essayists, every one of them a lover of words.