OK, so I've said I'm primarily a novelist, but of course every writer finds the need to express her or himself in the other forms. Here's a sampling of some of the hundred or so stories I've written over the years. I wish I could say there is a general or unifying theme that runs through them, connecting them and thus making sense of my life, but there isn't.

They are wide ranging in subject and theme; in setting and plot.

There's a story of an old woman, who by means of the help of a hard boiled salesman on the road in Boston, is redeemed by turning into a horse.

There's a love story of a professor in love with a student--just asking for disappointment.

A man who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for winning the lottery.

A woman who kills her tyrant of a father, but he gets final revenge.

Two feuding brothers who are attacked by a wild boar in the Florida woods.

...These descriptions are after all beginning to sound a bit like there might after all be some general themes or tones that link the stories. Find out for yourself.