As I said, I discovered writing in the fifth grade. All writers love to write, love words, love to use words. But there is a difference between being a poet and a prose writer, and I'm given, probably because I'm longwinded, to writing novels.

The idea of writing an entire world--out in longhand, is what seems so magical about writing. Creating (or channeling, or intuiting, or dancing with) characters and letting them live through their lives is especially dazzling to me. So I mostly write books.

I've written five so far; four of them are available here.

Grail Mysterium: An Adventure on The Heights is a mystery-adventure story set on the Boston College campus. Magic and superstition combine with history and hard-nosed research as a young undergraduate couple, Fran and Jack, undergo adventures in search of the Grail. Ghosts of historical characters, dragons, good and bad Jesuits, and fellow undergraduates constitute the cast of characters in this cross between Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code.

Memoirs of a Shape-Shifter is a gothic romance that takes place in Gloucester, Mass, and was written before A Perfect Storm. It's got magic and love and mystery.

Hide and Seek is a murder mystery with a twist.

The Scarab Chase is a satire of academia.