Hide & Seek: A Murder Mystery

You can have your cake and eat it, too. A fun story that examines the nature of guilt, Hide & Seek is a murder mystery in which we know the identity of the murderer but not the identity of the pursuing detective.

This mystery-within-a-mystery involves the murder of a beautiful young actress, Melanie Carson, in Boston. The narrator, David Draper, a jealous boyfriend terrified he has murdered her, scrambles to cover his tracks.

When his sister invites him to Cape Cod for a murder weekend at an old New England courthouse-turned inn, David discovers that someone is rigging the game mystery to mimic the actual murder of Melanie--in order to trap Melanie's murderer. David must then race against time and his own paranoia--getting embroiled along the way in secret attic seductions, the discovery of an arsonist's plot, and murder for revenge--to figure out who is the real detective among the guests before the detective discovers that David is the murderer. It is a murder mystery in reverse--we know the murderer and don't know the detective--and David's shocking final deduction fits all the pieces together in a fiery, dramatic conclusion.