Memoirs of a Shape-Shifter

A Gothic romance set in the fishing village of Gloucester, Mass, where I spent a lot of time. It's the story of a forty-year-old loner, Nikki Helmik, who discovers she's the descendant of a Druid princess. Nikki finds the lost journal of Anne Cleves, her ancestor, and develops her own powers of magic. But how will she use them? To get back at Ernest Eveless, the man whom she idealized, the husband of Nikki's own teacher of life--beautiful and cruel Rose Eveless? Or will Nikki use her newfound powers to exact revenge on the Eveless' married son, Philip, with whom Nikki has fallen deeply in love?

Follow Nikki through her initiation into the mysteries of Druid power and love, in which she is helped along the way by a crazy old ex-scholar living in a cave in the woods and by a Druid huntress who lives with her two wolves.

Deep inside the book is the translation of Anne's journal, a story of war and magic and love from which Nikki learns the secret of real power.